Zac Brown Band was formed in 2004, and is the only band that will be discussed in this blog. The band is centered around main guitar and vocalist Zac Brown, perhaps where they got their name from. Zac Brown was born on July 31, 1978 in Cumming, Georgia, and is one of 14 children. At 6 years old, he learned to play classical guitar, and started playing solo when he was in high school. He went on to attend the University of West Georgia, where he became a brother of the Kappa Alpha fraternity. However, shortly after the attacks on September 11 the decided that life was too short to do something he did not love, and therefore he dropped out of college to pursue a career in music.

Formed in Atlanta in 2004, Zac Brown Band originally consisted of Zac Brown as the lead guitar and vocalist, a drummer and bass guitarist. However, the band has grown to Zac Brown (epic beard, lead vocals, guitar, bass guitar and percussion), Jimmy De Martini (fiddle and vocals), John Driskell Hopkins (bass guitar, guitar and vocals), Coy Bowles (guitar and keyboards), Chris Fryar (drums) and Clay Cook (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, steel guitar and vocals). By putting a blues feel into their version of country music, Zac Brown Band has created a whole new type of country music following, even drawing fans who do not like country music. Because of this, they have become extremely popular, attaining eight number one singles including “As She’s Walking Away”, “Chicken Fried”, “Colder Weather”, “Free”, “Highway 20 Ride”, “Keep Me In Mind”, “Knee Deep”, and “Toes”. To learn more about Zac Brown Band, click here.

My favorite songs by this group are “Knee Deep”, “As She’s Walking Away”, “Toes”, “Chicken Fried”, and “No Hurry”. To check out their YouTube channel, click here.

“Knee Deep” — This song conveys the feelings of relaxing, unwinding and letting loose and getting away from the stresses of life. In this duet with Jimmy Buffett, they state that they want to “put the world away for a minute”, and wish they were “knee deep in the knee deep in the water somewhere/got the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair/only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair”. To be in such a relaxed state that the only worry in the world is whether the “tide gonna reach my chair”, I must be in a good place. In the future, I want to be able to get away from the stresses of life. To check out what I had to say about this song in my post about Jimmy Buffett, click here. To check out the music video for this song, click here.

“As She’s Walking Away” — This song featuring Alan Jackson is about the regret that we all have when we don’t pursue what we want. There is truly nothing in the world that comes free, and for all those things that we have decided not to pursue, I am sure we all feel some sort of regret for not doing so. In the song, Alan Jackson sings, “you might fall down on your face/roll the dice and have some faith”. This is true because no matter what it is, it never hurts to give it a try. This song talks about a girl, but can be applied to most situations in life. To check out what I had to say about this song in my post about Alan Jackson, click here. To watch the video for this song, click here.

“Toes” — Talk about a relaxing song, this one starts with the lyrics, “I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand/not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand/life is good today, life is good today”. This is about simply getting away and laying in the sun where nothing matters and nothing can go wrong. At the end of the song, Zac Brown changes the lyrics to “I’m just gonna drive up by the lake/and put my ass in a lawn chair, toes in the clay/not a worry in the world, a PBR on the way/life is good today, life is good today”. These ending lyrics are one of my favorites simply because one of my favorite brews is PBR. In my future, I want to be able to not have a care in the world, and just sit back with a cold brew in front of some beautiful scenery. To watch the video of this sing, click here.

“Chicken Fried” — This song truly has a down home feeling to it. He starts out the song with, “You know I like my chicken fried/cold beer on a Friday night/a pair of jeans that fit just right/and the radio up/I like to see the sunrise/see the love in my woman’s eyes/feel the touch of a precious child/know a mother’s love”. This song really comes from the heart. It speaks about who you are on the inside, Zac Brown sings, “its funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most/not where you live, what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes/there’s no dollar sign on a piece of mind this I`ve come to know”. To me, the best part of this song is when he sings, “I thank god for my life/and for the stars and stripes/may freedom forever fly, let it ring/salute the ones who died/the ones that give their lives so we don’t have to sacrifice/all the things we love/like our chicken fried”. As I go on in life, I always want to make sure I truly know who I am on the inside. To check out the music video for this one, click here.

“No Hurry” — This song talks about a time when you have so much to do, but instead of just rushing to get everything done, you decide to take your time and get through the day on your own watch. Zac Brown sings, “you know my old car needs washing/and the front yard needs a trim/and the telephone keeps ringing/and the bossman knows I know it’s him/and the bills ain’t gonna pay themselves/no matter anyway/cause I ain’t in no hurry today”. Instead, he decides, “there’s nothing wrong with an old cane fishing pole/and the smell of early spring/sit down in a fold-up easy chair/on a quiet shady river bank/let the world go on without me/wouldn’t have it any other way/cause I ain’t in no hurry today”. I am not saying that just blowing off work is a good thing to do, but as I get older I hope to keep in mind the importance of taking time for myself when needed. Being a public relations major, my field is all fast paced, and being in no hurry once in a while will be beneficial to me. I have even sung this song in my head when I play on the golf course. The music video for this song can be found below.


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