Jason Aldean was actually born Jason Aldine Williams in Macon, Georgia on February 28, 1977. He was born to Barry and Debbie Williams, who divorced when he was only 3 years old. He was then raised by his mother in Georgia, but spent time with his father in Homestead, Florida during summers. At a young age, his father would teach Aldean guitar chords that Aldean would practice all day while his father was at work. When his dad got home, they would play together. It was little time before Barry Williams realized that it would only take Aldean 3 or 4 tries to learn a song. He was inspired by a country music awards show when he was 14 years old, his mother entered him to sing at his local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. After that experience, he started to perform at any local contest or fair that came up. When he was young, Aldean wanted to be a baseball player when he got older, but when given a full scholarship for baseball he turned it down because he was sick of school.

Aldean started his music career when he was 15 years old. He started out by playing for a band at a local bar near his hometown, called Nashville South. On August 4, 2001, Aldean married his wife Jessica, and since has had two daughters with her, Keeley and Kendyl. He has had six singles that have reached number one, which are “She’s Country”, “Why”, “The Truth”, “Big Green Tractor”, “Dirt Road Anthem”, and “Don’t You Wanna Stay”. For more information on Jason Aldean, click here.

My favorite songs by Jason Aldean are “Tattoos on this Town”, “Dirt Road Anthem”, “My Kinda Party”, “Why”, and “Laughed Until We Cried”.

“Tattoos on this Town” and “Dirt Road Anthem” – These two songs are similar in my opinion because of the messages that I receive from them. I think that they are both talking about where you come from, and the important of remembering that and carrying it with you for the rest of your life. In “Tattoos on this Town”, Aldean sings about all of the “tattoos” that he left in the town that he grew up in. “Tattoos” refer to the marks and memories that Aldean left behind. I think that we all have “tattoos” of our own and that they are important to remember as we move on with our lives. In “Dirt Road Anthem”, Aldean sings in a different tone, showing that it is important to remember where he came from, but also showing that he didn’t like many of the things where he grew up. He states, “all this small town he said, she said,/ain’t it funny how rumors spread/like I know something ya’ll don’t know,/man that talk is getting’ old”. He shows that although he remembers the things he didn’t like about where he came from, he remembers them as he moves forward with his life. Both of these songs represent how I want to be when I get older. To view the music videos for these songs, visit here and here.

“My Kinda Party” — Judging by the name of this song, it is easy to see what I like about it. In this song Aldean talks about just kickin’ it, and even describes it as a “one night rodeo”. Also, another thing that stands out to me is when Aldean states, “if you wanna drink,/go on baby, just do your thing,/but give up your keys”, which is also something I live strongly by. Life is tough and everyone deserves to let loose every once in a while, and this is something that I hope to live by as I get older. To view the video for this song, visit here.

“Why” – Aldean sings about relationships in this song. Specifically, it is about the mistakes that can be made and what there is to learn from those mistakes. He states, “sometimes I wonder why/does it always have to come down/to you leaving/before I’ll say “I love you”/why do I always use the words/that cut the deepest/when I know how much it hurts you/oh baby why, do I do that to you”. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and the important thing is to learn from those mistakes so as not to make them again, certainly something to keep in mind moving forward in life. To view this song, visit here.

“Laughed Until We Cried” — This is my favorite song by Jason Aldean, because it speaks about taking it slow, making sure to take everything in and to live life so as not to miss anything important. One lyric that really stands out to me is “this past year my family/was sittin’ cross-legged ’round the Christmas tree/listenin’ to granddad/we all knew it probably be his last/he was crackin’ jokes and we were takin’ turns /tellin’ stories ‘bout fishin’ or lessons learned/out on the porch with him/we all felt like kids again”. Coming from a guy who was not able to meet his grandmother or grandfather on his father’s side, and whose grandfather died early in his life so he couldn’t truly know who he was, I know how important it is to cherish the times we have before they are gone. This is the way I want to live in the future. The music video for this song can be found below.


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