Blake Shelton was born on June 18, 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma. A lover of the show “The Golden Girls,” Blake used to work roofing houses before moving to Nashville. He moved at the age of 17, and in 2001, he released his debut single “Austin”. It climbed the charts and stayed at number one for five weeks. He went out with Miranda Lambert, one of today’s top female country music artists, for a few years before they got married. Before asking for Miranda’s hand in marriage, her made sure to ask her father for the permission, and even bought her engagement ring at the first store he went to. Miranda attributes herself to one of Blake’s number one hits by putting Michael Buble’s “Home” on Blake’s iPod. They are a couple of the only country music stars who don’t live in Nashville, Tennessee. They love on a farm in Oklahoma with their seven dogs.

Blake has had 10 number one hits over his career, and won 2010’s CMA Male Vocalist of the Year. Blake is known for his crazy and funny Tweets. He likes to use his Twitter to shock others and see how people react and respond. Examples of such Tweets are the following:

“@mibs131: Time for a colonoscopy dude. Getting mine thursday at cedars. Sigh.” Cedars?!!! Won’t that leave splinters?!!!

Hey @adamlevine.. I forgot to tell you thanks for the great Maroon 5 tickets the other night!!!

His Twitter handle can be viewed here. Also, for more information on Blake Shelton, click here.

Alright, now to his music. My favorite songs by Blake are “All About Tonight”, “God Gave Me You”, “Some Beach”, and “Hillbilly Bone”, all of which are number one hits. You can see his channel on YouTube here.

“All About Tonight” — This is one of Blake’s feel good songs. It is a song about just letting loose and having fun partying. Let’s be honest, we all hope that in our futures we will all be able to let loose when we want to and just have as much fun as possible, and I want the same as I move forward into my life. This song can be found here.

“God Dave Me You” — In the music video to this love melody by Blake, Miranda Lambert says a few words just before the song starts as the song is Blake talking about her. He talks about how God gave her to him for all of the ups, downs, days of doubt and for the times he thinks he has lost his way. He says that “on my own I’m only half of what I could be”, says that they are stitched together and prays that they never come undone. This speaks on behalf of what I want in my future because in it I want a wife to settle down and have a family with. Someone to depend on,  turn to and who is there for all of the good and bad times. Another song by Blake like this one is “Nobody But Me”. “God Gave Me You” can be found here.

“Some Beach” — In everyone’s life, things happen that annoy and get you angry, and this song speaks to those times. Blake describes situations like someone cutting him off on the highway, someone taking a parking spot he was about to take, and his dentist drilling before the Novocain set in. He cleverly uses the phrase “some beach” in place of another four word phrase that people might use when these things happen. This is also a song that helps to show my future, because things happen to people every day, and I know they will happen regardless of what I do. Therefore, there will certainly be times when I want to relax and just get away from it all. This song can be found here.

“Hillbilly Bone” — This duet with Trace Adkins speaks to any people who like country music, even in the slightest bit. It starts out about a guy who lived in Queens, NY, who never heard of country music before, but when he goes down south, Blake takes him out to a honky-tonk, and that alone brought out the country in him. The song goes into the fact that you don’t have to be from the country in order to like the music. This is something that is true about me now and will be true about me in the future. I am from Yonkers, NY and somehow my favorite genre of music is country. In the future, I want to retire in the country somewhere, on a farm somewhere nice and quiet. The music video for this song can be found below.


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I am a senior at Seton Hall University, majoring in Public Relations.

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